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The Newton Rifle

   ​The Newton Rifle Handbook, a Collector’s Guide for the Newton Rifle and Related Items is a new publication covering Newton rifles created as a smaller size, quick reference guide that can be carried to gun shows in a vehicle, briefcase or backpack. It can also sit alongside a computer or easy chair and be available as a data source for the various models of Newton rifles. My hope is that the guide will enable the Newton collector to make educated purchases of Newton rifles and other related items.

   In this book, the production variations of each model are presented in a concise format for easy reference with color pictures to help clarify the details discussed. Each major subject for a model is highlighted in red, italicized and underlined to make it easier to find the specific design variation which the reader may want to research. The book has 111 pages with numerous color pictures of rifles and their design variations.

   A chapter is included discussing purchasing an altered, non-original Newton rifle if that possibility arises. Newton rifles are difficult to find and acquiring a rare rifle that has had some alterations may prove to be a wise investment. Ammunition, including factory boxes, individual cartridges and bullets are pictured and discussed. The Newton Reloading Tool is detailed and pictured. Newton printed many variations of catalogs to promote his rifles and accessories. These catalogs are listed according to their year of printing and the most important ones are pictured and described.

   Newton rifles are not often encountered and for this reason it may not be easy to recall specific facts about their production details. With four major models based on the year of introduction and variations in design within the models, specifically and accurately identifying a particular rifle without the correct information available may be very difficult. Not only is it important to identify the rifle, it is also important to be able to recognize any rare feature of that particular rifle. Another aspect of the research for a rifle is to be able to ascertain if the features on the rifle are factory original to that particular firearm. All this information is necessary to decide if the rifle is desirable for purchase and is priced according to its model and features.

   Each book will be accompanied with a binder clip to use as a page mark or keep the books pages from getting damaged if the book is carried in a briefcase etc. Each book will be enclosed in an envelope for added protection. The books are not numbered although each will be signed by the author and dated.

   Collectors, regardless of their interests, value references as sources of information before they make any major purchases. Many times, I have heard experienced buyers state they will not purchase an item or introduce themselves into a new field of collecting without “reading the book first.”

   The Newton Rifle Handbook is an 6" x 9" printed softcover book with 111 pages.